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On-demand and recordings of past trainings and workshops available for purchase. By Sarah Bergenfield & Eleanor Carn . 

The Autistic Self

Using the IFS Lens to Include the Autistic Experience 

This is a re-recording of a workshop delivered live by Sarah Bergenfield & Eleanor Carn in February 2023.
Designed for therapists using Internal Family Systems (IFS) with their autistic and more broadly neurodivergent clients. 

Topics covered: 

  • What is Autism and why is it important to know? 
  • Diagnosis and misdiagnosis
  • Autism in context: interactions of gender, sexuality, culture and race.
  • IFS - parts and neurology 
  • Understanding and recognising Self with autistic clients. 
  • Burdened and unburdened autistic systems 
  • ​Building safe connections. 
  • ​Adapting the six Fs. 

Run time: 2.25 Hours - Slides and CPD certificates available on request. 

Part of The Neurodiversity Training Project 
The Autistic Self

The Autistic Self

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What attendees have said about the workshop: 

"Really useful event and I've had loads to take away and research further."

"Loved the positive vibe. I felt safe to say my stereotyped and questions! You created a learning community but also taught. I felt empowered and excited at the end."

"I want more of this!"


"I understand so much more, autism is more nuanced, IFS has to be adapted, the therapists has to adapt, not the client."

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