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The Neurodiversity Training Project 

About Us

The Neurodiversity Training Project is a joint venture between Sarah Bergenfield & Eleanor CarnWe are both Certified IFS Level 3 qualified and use this model to work with our autistic and ADHD clients and support therapists and practitioners through training, supervision, and consultation. 

What we offer:
  • Training for therapists and practitioners working with autistic, ADHD and neurodivergent clients.

  • A training library

  • Training and support to organisations wishing to improve understanding and support of neurodivergence in the workplace. 


We combine personal and professional experience to help you find a common language, ease tension and create a warm and welcoming environment. 


Our aims are:
  • To increase awareness of autism and neurodivergence

  • To support other neurodivergent therapists

  • To increase therapist competence and confidence when working with neurodivergent clients.

Differences in social and emotional communication often lead to misunderstandings and feelings of loneliness for both the neurodivergent individual and their friends and family. As late-diagnosed neurodivergent people, we are aware of the issues our neurological differences can create in experiencing the world and other people. 

Training Library: 

In February 2023, we ran our first workshop on: "The Autistic Self, using the IFS lens to include the autistic experience", a recording of which you can access here

The IFS Annual Conference 2023:

Following Sarah's presentation at the 2022 IFS Annual Conference, the first of its kind around autism and IFS, we also presented at the IFS Conference in October 2023 on Internal Family Systems for the Autistic Mind.

Meet the Team

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