This is my website, where I hope you can get a bit of sense of me, and the therapy that I offer.

My name is Eleanor, although I mainly go by Ellie. I use the pronouns she/her.

I am a UKCP psychotherapist, working exclusively online via Zoom.

The main therapeutic approach that I use is Internal Family Systems (IFS). I am also trained in psychodynamic psychotherapy, systemic therapy, and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT).


No issues are too big, or too small, for therapy. You do not have to be in crisis. I work to help you understand yourself in a non-judgemental and open space. I work with you to heal past wounds, and empower you to develop new insight, and make new choices in the here and now.


I work with you as an individual. I have an LGBTQ* and neurodiverse affirmative approach.


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 Please feel free to get in touch if you have any questions 

Eleanor Carn's photograph, a smiling face with glasses

I use IFS, psychodynamic psychotherapy, and CBT.  Find out more here.

Issues I work with

I work with a wide range of clients aged 16+, and a wide range of issues. I have particular skills and interests in: 

  • ADHD, ASC and neurodiversity  - especially 'late' or adult diagnosis

  • Anxiety & Depression

  • Childhood and healing past wounds

  • Gender and sexuality

  • Relationships

  • Shame and perfectionism

  • Trauma

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