Client Testimonial

"I had online therapy with Eleanor for almost a year to deal with stress and anxiety. I found it very useful in helping me manage anxious thoughts, as well as helping me to understand the causes of my worry. Thanks to Eleanor's support, I am now better able to recognise when I am becoming anxious, and use strategies to deal with it before it takes over. I also feel that I have a better understanding of relationships in my life, and am able to make positive changes in the ways I relate to people. Therapy with Eleanor has been a very positive experience."

"As an ex pat living Greece, I found it really hard to find a therapist locally with a good enough level of English that I would be able to talk to them. I was worried online therapy wouldn't be great, but I'm really glad I tried it!" 

"Eleanor helped me work through my problems in a healthier way, and helped me feel a lot more ready for my new adventure!" 

"Online therapy gave me a space where I could talk freely without being judged by my grades or being labelled as "lazy". Our sessions helped me feel more positively rather than negatively and not to feel so stressed about certain aspects of life." 

"One of the biggest things I've learnt is having a choice about being anxious. Knowing I can control this and how I feel makes such a difference, I'm not scared all the time. You showing me how the physical and mental are linked has really helped. "

"We went to some tough places in therapy, but I never felt alone and I felt we went there together. Eleanor's approach is one of empathy and honesty, I wouldn't have reached this point without her."

"Eleanor really helped me with an issue that had been bothering me for such a long time. Her help made a difference to my life, what she does is so important."

Eleanor gave me lots of time and patience and helped me more than I think I can convey in this message. I'm definitely not "there" yet but without therapy I don't think I'd even be on the right path."