Online Psychotherapy & Counselling 

Whether you are an expat looking for English speaking psychotherapy as you work abroad, would like to have therapy from the comfort of your own home, or find it hard to find the time to travel to a regular therapy appointment, online therapy could be the answer. 

I am available for online therapy during the COVID-19 / Coronavirus pandemic. Visit my online therapy website to find out more.


How online counselling and psychotherapy  works 

Working online requires a special skill set to ensure your therapy is effective and professional. I am a Certified Cyber Therapist, a qualification from the Online Therapy Institute. This ensures I am able to work competently, safely, and effectively with you using Zoom video or audio and by email. 

I am a member of ACTO the Association for Counselling and Therapy Online. ACTO promotes, maintains, improves and advances online counselling and ·psychotherapy as a recognised method of therapeutic delivery. I adhere by their professional conduct and code of ethics in all my online therapy work.


Considerations for online counselling and psychotherapy 


Hardware and software

You will need access to a computer with a webcam, a good consistent internet connection, and most importantly, a space where you can be sure you will not be disturbed for the duration of your session. You will need to be able to download to allow us to have a fully secure meeting space. 

Is online therapy right for everyone? 

Whilst online therapy can be very convenient and as effective as face to face therapy, it is not right for everyone. This article on Counselling Directory can help you to decide whether or not psychotherapy or counselling via Skype is right for you. 

Contact Me

Please note that I do not currently have space for immediate starts for therapy. 

If you are OK to wait a little while for therapy to start, are not in crisis, and you'd like to find out more, please do get in touch. I am operating a small waiting list, where I keep details and get back in touch as and when space opens up.

If you are in need of immediate support, I recommend looking at the ACTO Directory of online therapists, and these crisis resources


Costs & Arrangments 

Fees are £60 for once weekly individual psychotherapy. 

I am committed to the ethos that therapy should be accessible and I do offer concessions and short-term, focussed, options to those on low incomes, we can discuss affordability prior to meeting and in the introductory session. 


I offer free 30-minute introductory sessions. 

I currently work exclusively online, and you can read more about this here.


I work weekdays and evenings, Monday - Thursday

I also have listings with BACP Therapist Directory, UKCP, ACTO, Counselling Directory & Psychology Today 

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