Early in my career I thought, "If I can help even a few people feel better about themselves and heal past wounds, then I've done what I wanted." 

Therapy is not just a job that I clock in and out of; I feel grateful every day to have a role that allows me to help and support people to promote real change in their lives. I am constantly learning and honing my skills as a psychotherapist.


Therapy is about self acceptance

Acceptance requests of us that we get in touch with our vulnerability and take risk. I practice what I preach in that I see myself as just as human and flawed as everybody else. When we meet online for therapy I will work hard to develop a safe space in which you can explore your vulnerability and difficult feelings with an open and understanding 'other'.

I have an LGBTQ+ affirmative practice


Which means I recognise everyone’s chosen identity as equal and valid. I have worked with many clients who self-identify as LGBTQ+ and consider myself an ally. I have always seen the person before the label, and have also undertaken training in LGBTQ+ issues, such as working with non-binary and trans clients, because it should never be my clients' job to have to teach me about their world, just about themselves. Beyond sexuality and gender, I am a supporter of equal rights and believe that a society that does not recognise and accept privilege and difference is one which lets down its most vulnerable citizens. 

I have been a therapist for over 10 years and you can read about my qualifications and accreditations here . I identify as cisgender and use the pronouns she/her.